MC_Stop command

MC_Stop leads to a controlled motion stop and places the axis in "Stopping" state. The motion stop is always jerk-limited at the constant set in "Jerk” to build up the deceleration rate.

If the optional parameters “Acceleration", "Deceleration” and “Jerk” are not specified or set to ≤ 0, the dynamic values are taken from the corresponding axis list.

It aborts every ongoing command by other (SAI) motion commands.

Optionally, the program can wait for the job to end (“WaitSyn” keyword) or can assign a Job ID (“Id” keyword) for later synchronisation.

NC command:

<axis_name>[ MC_Stop [Deceleration=<expr>] [Jerk=<expr>] [Id=<expr>] [WaitSyn] { \ } ]

Block diagram of the function block in PLCopen:

Input pin



[1 mm/s2 or 1°/s2]


[1 mm/s3 or 1°/s3]

Programing Example


MC_Stop command

S[MC_Stop Deceleration=999 Jerk=25000]