MC_MoveSuperImposed command

MC_MoveSuperImposed commands a relative motion in addition to a motion already active. The active motion is not interrupted but is superimposed over the commanded one. The motion is always executed jerk-limited at the constant set in "Jerk”. This value is valid for both "Acceleration" and "Deceleration".

If the optional parameters “Acceleration", "Deceleration” and “Jerk” are not specified or set to ≤ 0, the dynamic values are taken from the corresponding axis list.

Since "Acceleration" values are also superimposed in the case of superimposed interpolation, corresponding axis parameters must be defined to ensure that the axis is not dynamically overloaded.

Optionally, the program can wait for the job to end (“WaitSyn” keyword) or can assign a Job ID (“Id” keyword) for later synchronisation.

NC command:

<axis_name>[ MC_MoveSuperImposed Distance=<expr> VelocityDiff=<expr>
                       [Acceleration=<expr>] [Deceleration=<expr>] [Jerk=<expr>] [Id=<expr>] [WaitSyn] { \ } ]

Block diagram of the function block in PLCopen:

Input pin



[0.1 µm or 10-4 °]


[1 µm/s or 10-3 °/s]


[1 mm/s2 or 1°/s2]


[1 mm/s2 or 1°/s2]


[1 mm/s3 or 1°/s3]

Programing Example


MC_MoveSuperImposed command

S[MC_MoveSuperImposed Distance=321 VelocityDiff=783 Acceleration=811 \

Deceleration=922 Jerk=45000]