Synchronisation of spindle M functions

Synchronisation between the interpolator and the relevant spindle is executed directly, i.e. the acknowledgement of M03, M04 (speed reached) and M05 (speed zero) is executed by the spindle itself. Bit PLC_INFO which can be set in addition to the existing synchronisation P-CHAN-00027 determines whether the PLC is also to be acknowledged. In this case, note the following:

In general the PLC automatically acknowledges each spindle M function for speed-controlled spindles. It is therefore not necessary to additionally set the PLC_INFO bit.

It is practical to use the PLC_INFO bit for position-controlled spindles. In this case, the PLC_INFO bit can also be set for each spindle M function in addition to the synchronisation mode, thus causing the PLC to send an acknowledgement.

Channel parameter list [1]:

Spindle S1 is to be a position-controlled spindle.


spindel[0].bezeichnung                S1

spindel[0].log_achs_nr                6

spindel[0].s_synch                    0x00020001   PLC_INFO, MOS

spindel[0].m3_synch                   0x00020002   PLC_INFO, MVS_SVS

spindel[0].m4_synch                   0x00020004   PLC_INFO, MVS_SNS

spindel[0].m5_synch                   0x00020002   PLC_INFO, MVS_SVS

spindel[0].m19_synch                  0x00000008             MNS_SNS

spindel[0].s_prozess_zeit             0

spindel[0].m3_prozess_zeit            0

spindel[0].m4_prozess_zeit            0

spindel[0].m5_prozess_zeit            0

spindel[0].m19_prozess_zeit           0


Diagram of synchronisation of the spindle M function
Diagram of synchronisation of the spindle M function