Explicit synchronisation

If G01 is used for positioning, no implicit synchronisation can be executed according to Sec. Implicit synchronisation.

The #EXPL SYN command is provided here for cross-block synchronisation and this permits explicit synchronisation of the M function.

#EXPL SYN                                                                                                                        (non-modal)

An M function which is to be synchronised with this additional command is defined with synchronisation mode MVS_SLP in the channel parameter list P-CHAN-00027. The identifier can only be used exclusively with other synchronisation (P-CHAN-00027.

Programing Example


Explicit synchronisation


N10 G01 M03 S1000 Z200 F5000         (M03: Synchronisation mode MVS_SLP)

N20 X100 Y100

N30 Z400

N40# EXPL SYN                         (Check whether M03 is acknowledged)


At the braking instant, the path checks whether the acknowledgement has arrived based on the statement "#EXPL SYN” . A ramp-down occurs if this is not the case.

Further channel-specific and axis-specific M functions can be processed before the synchronisation command.