Implicit synchronisation

Spindle acceleration and deceleration operations may lead to substantial dead times in program execution since when the machine is at standstill, the spindle frequently needs to be set to the required speed first (e.g. M03 of type MVS_SVS) or during a positioning block with G00 (M3 of type MVS_SNS).

With M functions, implicit synchronisation provides the option of only checking acknowledgement if there is a switch over to a machining operation with G01/G02/G03/G151 etc. This reaction is achieved with synchronisation mode MVS_SLM. The identifier can only be used exclusively with other synchronisation (P-CHAN-00027).

Programing Example


Implicit synchronisation


N10 G00 M03 S1000 Z600               (M03: Synchronisation mode MVS_SLM)

N20 X100 Y100

N30 Z400

N40 G01 Z200                         (Check whether M03 is acknowledged)


In N40, the interpolator checks for acknowledgement of the M function at the start of the braking instant. If the acknowledgement is output, there is no stop at block end. If no acknowledgement is output, deceleration occurs and if no acknowledgement is output by block end, the system stops at the target point.

It is possible to program further channel-specific M functions up to synchronisation by a motion block. Synchronisation of channel-specific M functions is handled entirely in parallel with axis-specific synchronisation.