Change the main spindle

#MAIN SPINDLE [ [ <spindle_name> | <expr> ] ]


Default spindle name according to [1]-3.


log. axis number of the spindle according to [1]-3.

The #MAIN SPINDLE command can be used to change the definition of the main spindle in the NC program. The new main spindle is selected by specifying the default name (P-CHAN-00053) or the related logical axis number.

The initial state (as after start-up) can be restored without programming a spindle name, i.e. the spindle preset in the channel parameter list P-CHAN-00051 becomes the main spindle again.

Channel parameter list [1]:

Configuration example of a 1-channel system with 3 spindles. Spindle with axis number 6 is the main spindle:

# Spindle data

# ============

spdl_anzahl               3

main_spindle_ax_nr        6

main_spindle_name         S

spindel[0].bezeichnung    S1

spindel[0].log_achs_nr    6

spindel[1].bezeichnung    S2

spindel[1].log_achs_nr    11

spindel[2].bezeichnung    S3

spindel[2].log_achs_nr    30

Configuration after start-up:

S1 is the main spindle with the name "S”.

"S2” and "S3” are other spindles.

Programing Example


Changing the main spindle


N10 S100 M3 S2[REV200 M3] S3[REV300 M4]

N20 #MAIN SPINDLE [S2]     (S2 is new main spindle "S")

N30 S110 M3 S1[REV210 M3] S3[REV310 M4]

N40 #MAIN SPINDLE [S3]    (S3 is new main spindle "S")

N50 S120 M3 S1[REV220 M3] S2[REV320 M4]

N60 #MAIN SPINDLE          (Back to initial state S1 -> "S")

N70 S150 M3 S2[REV250 M3] S3[REV350 M4]

N80 M5 S2[M5] S3[M5]       (All spindles STOP)

N99 M30



As long as a spindle is a main spindle, it can either be programmed with the defined main spindle name P-CHAN-00053 or with its default name [1]-3. It can only be addressed exclusively by its default name again after another main spindle is selected with #MAIN spindle[ ].

The following applies in the example above:

Permissible names

Spindle 1

Spindle 2

Spindle 3

...after start-up

S or S1



...after #MAIN SPINDLE [S2]


S or S2


...after #MAIN SPINDLE [S3]



S or S3

...after #MAIN SPINDLE

S or S1



As already mentioned, the main spindle can be programmed in the conventional DIN syntax. In this case, all commands in the table in Section Spindle programming can be used. The main spindle may also be programmed in spindle-specific syntax. However, in this case only the restricted command set then is available (see also the table in Section Spindle programming..

Programing Example


The following NC lines are also permissible for the main spindle:


N10 S1=1000 M3   or

N20 S1000 M3   or

N30 S1[REV1000 M3]   or

N40 S[REV1000 M3]