Spindle-specific feedforward control (G135, G136, G137)

Release Note


The availability of this function depends on the configuration and the scope of the version.

These commands permit the spindle-specific programming of feedforward control. The commands may not be used simultaneously with other spindle-specific commands.

Activation is programmed with G135. Spindle-specific, percentage weighting of the calculated feedforward control variables takes place with G136. It is limited to 100%. G137 deactivates feedforward control. It is also possible to specify the selection and weighting of the feedforward control in the same block.

If feedforward control is disabled or enabled during the NC program, the weighting factors remain at the values set by G136 or, if no G136 is programmed, to 100%.

Programing Example


Command spindle feedforward control

S[G135]                        ;Activate feedforward control for S

S[G136=80]                      ;Define weighting in percent

S[G137]                        ;Deactivate feedforward control

S2[G135 G136=90]               ;Activate at 90% weighting for S2

S2[G136=0]                     ;Change weighting to 0%

S1 G135]                       ;Activate at 100% default weighting for S1