Release Note


The availability of this function depends on the configuration and the scope of the version.

The tool dynamic data (minimum/maximum speed, max. acceleration) takes effect automatically on transition of the spindle from standstill to interpolation after programming a new tool (D word, #TOOL DATA). Changed tool dynamic data is adopted and considered for a rotating spindle by the spindle-specific command "GET_DYNAMIC_DATA".

When a spindle is at standstill, a change back to tool-independent default dynamic data can be executed by the command "DEFAULT_DYNAMIC_DATA". The currently active gear stage (P-TOOL-00016/P-TOOL-00017) is not changed.

These commands may not be used simultaneously or in combination with other spindle-specific commands.

Programing Example


Adopt dynamic tool data

N10 T1 D1                   ;Supply tool dynamic data to the

                            ;tool data

N15 M6                     ;Change of tool 1

N20 S[M3 REV2002]           ;S rotates at 2000 rpm with tool dynamic data

                            ;from D1

N25 X100 Y100                   ;Motion block with tool dynamic data D1

N30 T99 D99                 ;Supply tool dynamic data to the

                            ;tool data while spindle rotates (N20)

N35 X200 Y150               ;Motion block with tool dynamic data D1

N40 S[GET_DYNAMIC_DATA]     ;Adopt tool dynamic data D99

N45 X150 Y200                ;Motion block with tool dynamic data D99

N50 X50 Y50                ;Motion block with tool dynamic data D99

N60 S[M05] Z100             ;Spindle stop

N70 S[DEFAULT_DYNAMIC_DATA] ;Revert to default dynamic data

N99 M30                     ;Program end