Homing (G74)

G74 <spindle_name><dummy_expr>                                                                (non-modal)




Spindle name according to P-CHAN-00053 with specification of a value.

Homing can be conducted for closed-loop position-controlled spindles. As opposed to referencing linear axes, the values programmed with the spindle name have no significance relating the referencing sequence and are only required to represent a complete syntax.

It is not permitted to program spindle M functions in the same NC block as G74.

A distinction must be made in the following cases when referencing spindles:

Programing Example


Homing (G74)

S. Spindle referencing starts simultaneously with Y axis referencing:

          Nxx   G74 X2 Y1 S1

S.   Same as 1. The system continues to the next NC block without waiting until the spindle is referenced so that the X axis is referenced quasi-simultaneously:

          Nxx   G74 S1

          Nyy   G74 X1 Y2

S. Axes X and Y are referenced first. Spindle

   referencing then starts:

          Nxx   G74 X1 Y2

          Nyy   G74 S1