C axis machining

This functionality supplements the existing turning functions and permits the face and lateral surface machining of cylindrical workpieces on lathes and milling machines with revolving base. The workpiece is moved by the rotary axis or spindle (C axis) and the driven tool (e.g. milling cutter) by the two translatory axes X (or Y) and Z. Settings are required in the parameters P-CHAN-00008 and P-AXIS-00015 for C axis machining.

Face and lateral surface machining can be described in Cartesian coordinates.

All interpolation types (such as linear, circular or spline interpolation) are supported on the end face and lateral surface. The functionality also permits the machining of path contours running through the turning centre point. The C axis is automatically aligned on lathes.

The 2.5D tool radius compensation can be used with the familiar G commands.

The use of extended dynamic monitoring can specifically prevent dynamic axis characteristics from being exceeded with the C axis function and also with contours running close to the turning centre point.

The main axes for all machining modes are X, Y (depending on machine type), Z and C.