Tapping (G63)

Syntax example of tapping in Z direction:

G63 Z<expr> F<expr> <spindle_name><expr>                                                                        (modal)




Thread depth (target point) in the tapping axis in [mm, inch]


Feedrate in [mm/min, m/min, inch/min]


Spindle speed consisting of spindle name according to P-CHAN-00053 and speed value in [rpm]

With this kind of tapping (G63) the position-controlled spindle is tracked by the CNC synchronously to the path motion. In this case the spindle and feed motion of the axes are adapted precisely and dynamically. A compensatory chuck is not required. The programmed feedrate must match the programmed spindle speed and the thread pitch and is calculated as follows:

Feedrate F [mm/min] = spindle speed S [rpm] * Thread pitch [mm/rev]

G63 is deselected by the selecting a different modal block type (e.g. linear motion G01). A non-modal block type (e.g. dwell time with G04) does not deactivate G63.

The path feedrate (F word) and spindle speed (S word) do not necessarily need to be specified in the same NC block as G63. The feedrate calculation must always be based on the last values programmed.

An error message is output if the path feedrate or spindle speed are equal to zero with G63 is selected.

M03, M04, M05, M19 cannot be programmed in combination with G331/G332.



The spindle (or the thread tapping drill) must be at standstill when G63 is selected. This can be achieved by previously programming M05 (Stop spindle) or M19 with S.POS (Position spindle).

Cutting a left-hand thread or retraction from a threaded bore are programmed with q negative S value .

Programing Example


Tapping (G63)

Tap a right-hand thread with pitch 1.25 mm, thread depth 50 mm. At a programmed spindle speed S of 200 rpm the calculated feedrate is:

F = 200*1.25 = 250 mm/min


G01 F2000 G90 X0 Y0 Z0 ; position axes

M19 S.POS=0 M3 S100    ; stop and position spindle


G63 Z-50 F250 S200     ; tap

    Z0 S-200           ; retract from threaded bore

G01 F1000 X100         ; reposition, deselect tapping


Programing Example


Tapping (G63)


N05 X0 Y0 Z0

N10 G91 Z100

N20 M19 S.POS180 M3 S100    ; position spindle

N30 G63 Z-50 F300 S200      ; tap

N40 Z100 S-200              ; retract from threaded bore

N50 G01 X200 F3000     ; reposition, deselect tapping

N60 G63 Z-70 F300 S200      ; tap

N70 Z100 S-200              ; retract from threaded bore

N80 M05 G01 X300 F1000

N90 M30