Feedrate per revolution (G95)

G95                                         Feedrate in mm/revolution                                                   (modal)

During turning with active G95, a constant chip thickness can be defined with the F Word in [mm/rev, inch/rev] irrespective of spindle speed (rpm).

Here, the axis feedrate is linked to the rotational speed (rpm) of the position-controlled spindle. It is only valid in conjunction with the G function with which it was programmed. This means that if a change is made from G95 to G94 or G93 (Section "Machining time or feedrate") the valid F word for G95 is not adopted..

G95 can also be programmed in combination with a controlled (PLC) main spindle (P-CHAN-00069). Please note here that the resulting feedrate per revolution is only dependent on the programmed values (F word, S word). Real-time influences on the spindle speed are not considered, e.g. override changes. This type of programming in only permitted in a channel in conjunction with the assigned main spindle as of Build V3.1.3066.02.

Programing Example


Feedrate per revolution (G95)

N10 F1000 G01 X0 Z100 M3 S1200  ;Feedrate 1000 mm/min (G94)

N20 G95 F1.5        ; Feedrate per revolution 1.5 mm/rev

                     ;speed 1200 rpm

N30 Z50              ;Feedrate 1800 mm/min

N40 G94 X50          ;Feedrate 1000 mm/min valid from N10

N50 G93 F20 X20      ;Machining time 20 s

N60 G95 Y200 S2000   ;Feedrate per revolution 1.5 mm/rev valid from N20,

                     ;speed 2000 rpm

N70 M30