Move spindle (M3, M4, M5)

M03                             Spindle rotation clockwise (cw)                                                     (modal)

M04                             Spindle rotation counter-clockwise (ccw)                                      (modal)

M05                             Spindle stop                                                                                  (modal)

The spindle M functions M03, M04 and M05 define the spindle operating mode and must be used in conjunction with the S word (Sec. Spindle speed (S word)). They are modal and each may only be programmed alone in the NC block.

Spindle rotation is activated if M03 or M04 is programmed and a valid speed is set.

M05 stops spindle rotation. Note that this spindle M function is the default spindle mode after controller start-up and initial program start.

If no M05 is set at program end, the spindle continues to rotate.

Programing Example


Move spindle (M3, M4, M5)

N10         S1000     (Speed 1000 rpm is stored, no spindle)                       (rotation because M05)

N20   M03             (Spindle rot. cw at 1,000 rpm)

N30   M04             (Spindle rotation ccw at 1,000 rpm)

N40         S500      (Spindle rotation ccw at 500 rpm)

N50   M05   S300      (Spindle stop, speed 300 rpm is stored)                       (is stored as default)

N60   M04             (Spindle rotation ccw at 300 rpm)

N70   M05             (Spindle stop)

N80   M03   S1000     (Spindle rot. cw at 1,000 rpm)

N90   M30             (End of program)

Channel parameter list [1]:

The synchronisation modes must be defined spindle-specific for M3, M4, M5. The M function is not executed for synchronisation mode "0” (NO_SYNCH).


spindel[0].bezeichnung                                  S1

spindel[0].log_achs_nr                                  6

spindel[0].s_synch                                      0x00000001

spindel[0].m3_synch                                     0x00000002

spindel[0].m4_synch                                     0x00000002

spindel[0].m5_synch                                     0x00000008

spindel[0].m19_synch                                    0x00000001