Deleting a saved configuration

#CLEAR CONFIG                                                                                                                        (modal)

The command #CLEAR CONFIG completely clears the last configuration saved. A #LOAD CONFIG programmed directly after causes the error message "No restorable configuration found". This means that #SAVE CONFIG must first be used to save a configuration again before it can be restored with #LOAD CONFIG.

For the machine operator, a #CLEAR CONFIG is always helpful if he wants to prevent access to a configuration that may have been incorrectly saved to different NC programs.

Programing Example


Deleting a saved configuration

Execute clearance program, then delete the saved configuration:


N10 G53

N35 #LOAD CONFIG [AX AXLINK]    Restore the saved axis

                                configuration and axis couplings

                                under coupling group 1

N40 #ECS ON           Define an ECS to execute

                      withdrawal strategy

N.. X.. Y.. Z..




N.. X.. Y.. Z..

N.. #CLEAR CONFIG     Clear saved configuration after

                      the withdrawal motion ends

N99 M30