Output of additional informations at block end

The #ADD command can be used to create additional information in the NC block. The possibilities for structuring this additional information (message texts) are fully identical to the scope of the #MSG commands. However, as opposed to the #MSG commands, different NC commands can be programmed before #ADD. Therefore, #ADD must always be programmed as the last command at NC block end. The following comments are permitted.

#ADD [<receiver>] ["<Zusatzinformationen>"]

It is not necessary to specify a mode (SYN) as this would produce an error message since the message is automatically always output synchronously to the processing state in the interpolator.

The same requirements as for the #MSG commands apply to the receiver specification.

Additional information must be enclosed in quotation marks "...".

Programing Example


Output of additional informations at block end


N05 P1=20

N10 G00 X0 Y0 Z0

N15 T1            #ADD["Werkzeug T=%d aktiv", V.G.T_AKT]

N20 G01 F2000 X10 #ADD["Approach X position"] (Comment)

N30 YP1           #ADD["Y-position=%d", P1]

N40 Z30           #ADD["Z-position"]

N50 Z33 #ADD["Z position"] X11 Y22 ->Error 21509

N999 M30