Programming axis couplings

The following NC command can be defined in an NC program for axis couplings:

#SET AX LINK [ <coupling_group>, <Slave>=<Master> {,<Slave>=<Master>} ]

or alternatively

#AX LINK [NBR] [ <coupling_group>, <Slave>=<Master> {,<Slave>=<Master>} ]


Number of the coupling group (1)


Designation or logical axis number of the slave axis of coupling pair i (2)


Designation or logical axis number of the master axis of coupling pair i (2)


The logic switch NBR switches over evaluation from axis names to logical axis names. The axis couplings must then be defined with logical axis numbers. The axes need not to be present in the NC channel. Their presence in the NC channel is only checked when the coupling group is activated.



At least one master-slave coupling pair must be defined for each coupling group.

The coupling of spindles is described in greater detail in Section Synchronous spindle operation.

General handling and method of operation:

1 ... [Max. number of coupling groups–1], see [6] -2.11

Max. number of coupling pairs, see [6] -2.12

Programing Example


Programming axis couplings

N10 #SET AX LINK[1, Z2=Z]

Z2 is linked as slave to main axis Z

N20 #SET AX LINK[2, Y2=Y, X2=X]

Coupling of Y2 with Y and X2 with X

N30 #SET AX LINK[3, X1=X, X2=X, X3=X]

Coupling of X1, X2, X3 as slaves to the same master axis X


or alternatively

N10 #AX LINK[1, Z2=Z]


[2, 8 = 2, 9 = 3]

Coupling via log. axis numbers