Minimum radius for tangential feedrate adaptation

Release Note


As of Build V2.11.2010.02 the command #TANGFEED [...] replaces the command #SET TANGFEED RMIN [...]. For compatibility reasons, this command is still available but it’s recommended not to use it in new NC programs.

This command supplements the adaptation of tangential feedrate programmed with G10/G11. The minimum radius is taken into account in circular blocks containing the identifier for feedrate adaptation. The feedrate is only adapted if the programmed circular contour radius is greater than or equal to the minimum radius.

#TANGFEED [ RMIN<expr> ]                                                                              (modal)


Minimum contour radius Rmin in [mm, inch] up to which the tangential feedrate is corrected.

Programming the tangential feedrate.
Programming the tangential feedrate.

Programing Example


Minimum radius for tangential feedrate adaptation

(Contour with TRC and tangential feedrate adaptation)

N10 V.G.WZR=5

N20 #TANGFEED [RMIN=3]          (Define minimum radius rmin = 3mm)

N30 G41 G01 X0 Y20 G11 F600     (Select TRC and feedrate adaptation)

N40 X20 Y20

N50 G03 X40 R10                 (Feedrate adaptation)

N60 G01 Y40

N70 G02 X44 R2                  (No feedrate adaptation → rprg < rmin)

N80 G01 Y20

N20 #TANGFEED [RMIN=6]          (Define new minimum radius rmin = 6mm)

N90 G03 X54 R5 (No feedrate adaptation → rprg < rmin)

N100 G01 Y50

N110 X60 G40 G10                (Deselect TRC and feedrate adaptation)

N120 X0 Y0