Extended syntax

Release Note


The availability of this function depends on the configuration and concrete scope of version.

Extended syntax permits the programming of axis exchange sequences with macro definitions (Section macros) or external variables of the string type (V.E….). This is especially useful for multi-channel machines and systems when static axis groups should be replaced between channels. For example, these axis groups can be defined in macros and used in axis exchange commands.

In addition, the extended syntax permits the internal processing of conflicts by setting so-called logic switches without the output of an error message or a warning. Logic switches are optional and can be programmed additionally in the command. If no logic switches are programmed, standard evaluation applies as before. This means that, if there are plausibility conflicts, the evaluation of axis exchange sequences is aborted and error messages are output.

The logic evaluation is identical for all axis exchange commands and also checks for plausibility in the programmed axis exchange sequence and plausibility to existing axes in the NC channel.

Logic switches are especially useful for axis exchange sequences which are defined by macros or string variables because any overlaps occurring here and redundant programmings can be resolved internally.