Axis exchange commands

This section describes NC commands to

At every program start, the axis configuration specified in the channel parameter list [1]-5 is restored. Axis exchange commands are active in the currently selected axis group. An NC block may contain several axis requests and/or returns. These operations are executed in semi-parallel state.



It is not permitted to replace axes for which synchronous or manual mode is active.

When TRC is active, the first two main axes may not be replaced.

Axis exchange commands must be programmed alone in a separate NC line.

Axis exchange commands are only valid for path and tracking axes. Spindle axes are ignored. There are special commands provided to release and request spindle axes.

As of Version V2.6, the previously available axis exchange commands were revised and extended in functionality and mode of operation. The Section "Standard axis exchange commands” describes the standard syntax available until Version V2.6. This syntax may continue to be used in the future.

The Section "Extended axis exchange commands” describes the new syntax. The syntax is fully downwards compatible with the previous scope of functions. However, the logic switches and additional functions to define axis exchange sequences offer more flexible programming options.