Indirect parameters

In arithmetical expressions and assignments, indirect parameters are used in the same way as direct parameters.

Both direct (Pnn) and indirect programming (PPnn) is performed using the P word. When indirect parameters are used, the following applies:

PPnn points to the parameters Pnn.

When a PPnn is initialised, the address of a Pnn is assigned. The use of PPP... is also possible.



Indirect parameters

If P120=10, the value 10 is loaded to the parameter 120. However, the statement PP120=123.456 assigns this value to the parameter whose address exists in P120, i.e. P10. Accordingly, PP121=SQRT[2,0] produces the following result:

Illustration of the effect of indirect P parameters
Illustration of the effect of indirect P parameters

The use of indirect parameters permits the assignment of entire fields of parameters:

Programing Example


Indirect parameters

Assignment of P parameters P20 and P40 with 50


N110 P1 = 20  P2 = 40

N120 PP1 = 50

N130 PP2 = PP1

Assignment of P parameters P15 to P25 with 0.0

N110 $FOR P1 = 10,20,1

N120 P[P1 + 5] = 0.0