Tool position selection (T word)

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The tool command determines the tool required for the machining step. The tool number is forwarded externally to the PLC which loads the selected tool to a tool magazine for a tool change. It should be noted that the T word itself has no influence on the internal controller calculation of tool geometry (tool data). The D word is used for this purpose. However, it is activated automatically by the T word if P-CHAN-00014 is programmed accordingly.

The T word initiates no tool change. Normally, this takes place with machine function M06.

Tool data [5], [6]-9.7 is stored ion the tool data table of the decoder [6]-9.1. In addition, there is also the alternative option of communicating with a decentralised (external) tool data management system provided by the user and requesting tool data via an additional interface. The internal or external access to tool data is parameterised P-CHAN-00016.

In order to avoid waiting periods between the time that tool data is loaded and then transferred, the tool to be externally loaded normally requests one or more motion blocks before the tool data is actually included in the calculation P-CHAN-00087. If several possibly different T numbers are programmed before the D number of the first corresponding T number appears, all T numbers before the last one programmed are ignored. This means that the data supplied by the external tool management system is deleted if the tool D number does not coincide with the T number programmed.