M/H functions with optional additive information

With M/H functions, an additive value can be optionally programmed in the NC program and made available to the PLC on the technology interface in combination with the M/H function.

The additive value can be programmed in all user-specific M/H functions and in the internal M functions M00, M01, M02, M17, M29 and M30. The M/H functions can then be used without restriction in both channel-specific and axis-specific programming syntax.

The following M functions may only be programmed without an additive value:

M<expr> [ = <additive_expr> ]


H<expr> [ = <additive_expr> ]


User-specific M function


User-specific H function


Optional additive value. It can be programmed directly as a negative or positive integer or as a general mathematic expression.

Programing Example


M/H functions with optional additive information


(M functions with additive value)

N10 M52=-345

N20 M12=123 (with channel parameter m_default_outp_ax_name[12] Z)

N30 M10=321 (with channel parameter m_default_outp_ax_name[10] S)

N35 P1 = 567 P2 = 345

N40 X[M54=P1]

N50 S[REV 1000 M03 M63=-789]

N60 M12=123 M10=321 M52=-345 X[M54=567] S[REV 1000 M03 M63=-789]

N70 M63=-789 M52=-P2 M54=567

N80 X[M52=-345 M54=567] Y[M63=-789] S[M05 M63=789 M54=-567] M54 M63

(H functions with additive value)

N110 H5=-345

N120 H6=123 (with channel parameter h_default_outp_ax_name[6] Z)

N130 H9=321      (with channel parameter h_default_outp_ax_name[9] S)

N135 P3 = 567 P4 = -345

N140 X[H7=P3]

N150 S[REV 1500 M04 H8=-789]

N160 H6=123 H9=321 H5=-345 X[H7=567] S[REV 1500 M04 H8=-789]

N170 H8=-789 H5=P4 H7=567

N180 X[H8=-789 H4 H5=-345] Y[H7=567] S[M05 H5=345 H7=567] H3 H8

(Mixed M/H functions with additive value)

N200 X[M52=-345 H4 H8=-789 M54=567 H5=345] H3=333 M54=444 H7=567 M63

(M/H functions with additive value in axis-specific function (INDP))

N05 X[INDP G90 G01 FEED=2000 POS=555 M54=151 H8=-181]

N999 M30=111

This additive information can be read in the PLC via the data of the M/H function.

See also [HLI//data of the M/H function]