Manual mode

Manual mode (HB) permits the external control of single axes with physical elements of manual mode (handwheel, inching keys, joystick). While an interpolation is running, i.e. during the execution of the NC program in HB mode, the operator can add additional set values to the path. The following manual modes are available.

Handwheel function:

Any desired path at any desired velocity.

jog mode:

Any desired path at parameterisable velocity.

jog mode:

Pre-specified path at parameterisable velocity

jog mode:

same as incremental jog mode but with the option of motion interruption.

These manual modes can be activated from the user interface. The corresponding parameters, e.g. resolution stages, velocity, jogging distance etc., are programmed by using appropriate NC commands ("#” commands, "G” commands ).

The current manual mode and the axis controlled by a physical manual mode element can be changed at any time. A physical manual mode element can add set values to several axes in several NC channels at the same time. An axis can only be operated in one manual mode and with one operating element.

Manual mode and its options
Manual mode and its options