Feedforward control (G135/G136/G137)

G135                                                                           Select feedforward control                    (modal)

G136 <axis_name><expr> { <axis_name><expr> }    Specify weighting                      (modal)

G137                                                                           Deselect feedforward control                    (modal)

Path distortions can be reduced by using velocity and acceleration feedforward control.

Axis group.specific activation is programmed with G135. Axis-specific percentage weighting of the calculated feedforward control variables in [%] is performed with G136. It is limited to 100% for all the axes.

G137 deactivates axis group-specific feedforward control. In case of axes for which no feedforward control is to be implemented after global selection with G135, a percentage weighting of 0% must be specified with G136. It is also possible to enter the selection and weighting of feedforward control in a single block.

At every program start, feedforward control is explicitly disabled in the interpolator and the weighting factors are set to 100%.

If feedforward control is disabled or enabled during the NC program, the weighting factors remain at the values set by G136 or, if no G136 is programmed, to 100%.



After an axis exchange, the G136 weighting factors are reset to 100% for all axes involved.

Programing Example


Feedforward control (G135/G136/G137)

G135    (Select feedforward control: weighting for all axes 100%)

G136 X80 Y95 Z0(Weighting; Z axis has no feedforward control here)

G137    (Deselect feedforward control: weighting for all axes 100%)