Enable/disable zero offsets axis-specific (G160)

G160 = <index> <axis_name><flag>                                                                                      (modal)


Axis-related zero offset


List index of the zero data record


Axis with validity flag of its zero offset




Zero offset of the axis is included in the calculation.


Zero offset of the axis is not included in the calculation.

You can define in each zero offset data record <index> previously by setting of the parameters P-ZERO-00004 the axes <axis_name> for which the offset is or is not to be included in the calculation. This means, individual axis offsets can be disabled or enabled.

This axis-specific validity of a zero offset can be changed in the NC program using G160.

Programing Example


Before selecting G55 (zero offset data record with index 2) the offsets of the X and Z axes are disabled and the offsets of the Y axis are enabled.


N10 G160 = 2 X1 Y0 Z1

N20 G55


In the next motion block, therefore, only the axis offsets of G55 are included in the motion if they are not disabled (Y axis).