Zero offsets (G53/G54/...G59)

In this section zero offset is abbreviated to 'NPV'.


Deselect zero offset *

(modal, initial state)*


(Activate CS[1]) NPV



(Activate CS[2]) NPV



(Activate CS[3]) NPV



(Activate CS[4]) NPV



(Activate CS[5]) NPV



(Activate CS[6]) NPV


The significance of the G53 data record can be controlled by P-ZERO-00001. Depending on parameterisation, G53 means either that NPV is deselected or the G53 data record is used as an addition NPV.

The default setting of the NPV which is automatically active in initial state is also parameterisable P-ZERO-00002.

G54... G59 provide the corresponding zero offsets from the zero offsets table. The zero offset is already valid in the block in which G53, G54, etc. is programmed. However, no path motion can take place without specifying any coordinates.

In initial state (G53) no zero offsets are active.



In addition, the following applies when selecting a zero offset in G91 mode:

The programming of...

N10 G54

N20 G0 X0 G91

... Does not call motion on the X axis since this is a motion relative to zero.

As a result, a zero offset is only effective when the next motion datum is programmed in absolute coordinates (G90).