Parameterise corner deceleration

Release Note


As of Build V2.11.2010.02 replaces the command #CORNER PARAM [...] the command #SET CORNER PARAM [...]assigns the definition of the main spindle. For compatibility reasons, this command is still available but it recommended not to use it in new NC programs.

#CORNER PARAM [ DIST<expr> UNIT<ident> FEED<expr> ]                                               (modal)


Corner distance in [mm, inch]


Corner feed rate unit FEED<expr>. Permitted identifiers:

FWORD Unit according to current F word

PERCENT Unit in [%]


Corner feed rate, [according to UNIT<ident>]

The point in space after which the path feedrate is to be reduced linearly along the path can be calculated by specifying a corner distance. The corner distance to be programmed refers here to the corrected path, not to the originally programmed target points.



Corner deceleration is only effective in combination with the linear slope P-CHAN-00071.

Representation of feed at a circular inside contour
Representation of feed at a circular inside contour