Combined programming

Channel parameter P-CHAN-00116 can be used to deselect the exclusive measuring system programming for path axis coordinates. Then it is possible to program absolute and relative measurements in the same NC block. It is also permitted to use the repeated programming of G90 and G91 in the same NC block.

The position of G90/G91 within the NC block then has a meaning. The measuring system last programmed is valid for all following path axis positions in the NC block and all other NC blocks up to the next G90/G91.

Programing Example


Combined programming


N10 X10 Y10 (Absolute dimensioning G90 is selected, default)

N20 G91 X20 G90 Y20 (relative for X axis, absolute for Y axis)

N30 X30 G91 Y30 Z20 (absolute for X axis, relative for Y/Z axis)

N30 G90 X30 G91 Y30 G90 Z20 (absolute for X/Z axis, relative for Y axis)


N100 G90 G91 Z30 (relative for Z axis)

N110 G91 X10 G90 Z30 (relative for X axis, absolute for Z axis)



G90/G91 has no influence on the auxiliary coordinates I, J, K of circular or helical interpolation. Its measuring system is defined exclusively by G161/G162.