Program distance to go

V.G.RW                         Distance to go with edge banding                                     (Read and write access)

The axis group-specific "V.G.RW" variable can be used to redefine the distance to go for edge banding in [mm, inch]. The distance to go is the distance remaining after the probe signal is received. In initial state, the corresponding working data point for the distance to go is adopted from the channel parameter block (P-CHAN-00030).

Programing Example


Program distance to go

N010 G91 G00 X0 Y0 Z10      (Linear interpolation)

N020 V.G.RW = 5             (Define a new distance to go)

N030 G108                   (Activate edge banding)

N040 G01 X10 Y10 F300       (Linear interpolation)

N050 M97 G01 X30 Y10 F200   (M97 is of mode MNE_SNS,)

                            (Meas. run with lin. interpolation,)

                            (Continue with distance to go after probe signal)



The M function for edge banding must be defined as an MNE_SNS mode (P-CHAN-00027).