Glue across several motion blocks (Method 2)

The problem often involves a contour which is described by several short NC blocks (e.g. generated by a CAD system). If edge banding is to occur on this type of contour, the resulting problem is to hit the edge exactly on a contour element.

G108 also activates edge banding and has a modal effect.

Special parameterisation in the channel parameter block (P-CHAN-00029) offers the extended function to only execute edge banding n blocks after the M function. The M function itself is also output immediately but the trigger event is only output later. After the probe signal is detected, the system continues moving along the distance to go for a further m blocks. The NC command G107 indicates explicitly the latest point at which the measurement run must end.

G107                                          Deselect cross-block edge banding                                 (modal)

Programing Example


Glue across several motion blocks (Method 2)

N05 X0 Y0

N10 G108                    (Activate edge banding)

N20 G01 X90 Y90 F20

N30 M97 G01 X100 Y100 F8    (M97 is of mode MNE_SNS,start measurement run)

N40 X110 Y110

N50 X120 Y120

N60 X130 Y130

N70 X140 Y140

N80 X150 Y150               (<- last measurement run block!)

N90 G107                    (End of measuring edge banding)

N80 G00 X200 Y200




The measuring process is also possible in the same motion block. However, method 1 offers simpler programming for this case.



If no probe signal is detected during the measurement run, an error message is output with G107.