Glue in one motion block (Method 1)

Selecting the measurement using G108 has a modal effect until an M function of synchronisation mode MNE_SNS (P-CHAN-00027) is programmed. The measurement run is started with this M function. The probe signal must occur in the motion block that was programmed together with this M function.

After the probe signal is detected, the system continues moving along the distance to go P-CHAN-00030 and G108 is deactivated implicitly.

Programing Example


Glue in one motion block (Method 1)

N05 X0 Y0

N10 G108                    (Activate edge banding)

N20 G01 X90 Y90 F20

N30 M97 G01 X150 Y150 F8    (M97 is of mode MNE_SNS, start measurement run)

                            (Continue with distance to go after probe signal)




If no probe signal is detected during the measurement run, an error message is output at block end.