Edge banding (G108)

The wood machining and furniture industry requires the edge banding function to perform the exact glueing of veneer strips. When a veneer strip is glued on, the position of the edge start may differ on various workpieces by several millimetres. So, the veneer strip must be cut at a position that is different from the NC block limit. This is a two-dimensional problem in the XY plane and linear and circular motion is allowed.

The start of the veneer strip is measured by a leading probe (see Fig. below). The measured values are used to determine the exact position at which the veneer strip must be cut.

The following response must be achieved:

When the measuring probe is crossed, the interpolator outputs a specified distance to go. The system then waits until all axes are inside the control window. An M function of synchronisation mode MNE_SNS (P-CHAN-00027) is then transferred to the PLC interface to cut the veneer strip. After acknowledgement, interpolation is continued up to the programmed target point. Only one MNE_SNS function may be active, i.e. multiple programming in one NC block is not allowed. But the MNE_SNS function may be programmed in a block using the M functions of other synchronisation modes.

Glue on a veneer strip
Glue on a veneer strip

G108                                                          Edge banding                                                           (modal)

Edge banding is selected using the G108 function which is modal. Depending on the parameterisation in the channel parameter block P-CHAN-00029, the following 2 methods are possible:



If only one CNC axis is moved, G108 is also allowed for the special case without main axis motion. In this case the measurement may take place in one of the tracking axes.