Measure with interruption and jump (G310) (Types 5, 6)

G310 [G00 | G01 F<expr>] <axis_name><expr> {<axis_name><expr>} [$GOTO<Label>]  (non-modal)


Interruptible block

G00 | G01

Interruptible interpolation modes


Measuring feed in [mm/min, m/min, inch/min]


Measuring axes with target points in [mm, inch]


Jump target after interrupted measurement run

Any axis may participate in the path motion of the measuring block. All axes programmed in the measuring block must be identified as a measuring axis (P-AXIS-00118). The measuring method (Type 5.6) must be parameterised (P-CHAN-00057).

This measuring method offers the option to abort a motion by a probe signal. The path motion must be explicitly programmed in the same block. When the path motion is aborted by the probe signal, the program branches to the jump target (label) specified in the G310 block. If the probe signal does not occur during the motion block, the NC program is continued with the next NC block.

Programing Example


Measure with interruption and jump (G310) (Types 5, 6)

N10 G00 X0 Y0

N20 G310 G01 F100 X100 Y200 $GOTO[N_LABEL]

;If interrupted, jump to N_LABEL

N30 G01 X200


N50 [N_LABEL] X0 Y0

N60 [ENDE] M30

After the motion is interrupted by a probe signal, the coordinates of the programmed target point are replaced by the actual positions of all the measuring axes in the channel. Next, the logic jumps to the specified block

If no signal is received, the system moves to the programmed target point. So, then there is no jump and the next block is executed instead.

The next block is always executed if a jump target (label) was not programmed.

The current axis positions after an interruption in path motion can be read in the NC program using the V.A.MESS[..] variable.

If G310 is programmed when TRC (G41/G42) is active, the program is interrupted and an error message is output.