Set the positive software limit switch (G99)

G99                                      Set the positive software limit switch                                      (non-modal)

G99 sets the positive limit switch positions in [mm, inch] in all programmed axes. Depending on the G90/G91 setting, this can be absolute or additive to the previous software limit switch position.

The positions for positive limit switches are in the axis-specific variables

V.A.+SWE.X,            V.A.+SWE.Y,            V.A.+SWE.Z, etc.

(see also Section Axis-specific variables).




…only applies to command G99; the software limit switches themselves are effective in modal mode.

After machine start-up, the default value of axis parameter P-AXIS-00178 is first valid.

This limit value can be further restricted in the NC program by programming G99 but cannot be increased. In other words, the limit value defined in the axis parameter list cannot be increased by G98.

The limit changed in the NC program remains valid after program end and is also effective in the next NC program activated. Only after CNC Reset followed by a program restart, the original default value becomes valid again.

A G99 change acts on the axis motion path range, on independent axes and on single axes. The motion path ranges in manual mode are not affected; they are influenced by the NC command #MANUAL LIMITS [...].

Programing Example


Setting the positive software limit switch (G99)

N10 G90


N100 G99 X+1000 Y+2000           Sets positive software limit switch
                                 in X to +1000 and in Y to +2000