Programmable homing (G74)

G74                                               Approach reference point                                               (non-modal)

G74 allows the NC program-controlled execution of a homing motion (RPF) which must contain the statements on the axes to be referenced and the sequence in which the axes are to execute the homing motion. The values programmed with axis names define the homing sequence.

For axes with the same value, homing is triggered simultaneously.

Further information on referencing is contained in the functional description of "Homing” [FCT-M1].

Programing Example


Programmable homing (G74)

;Sequential commanding:

N10 G74 X2 Y3 Z1     ;Homing sequence: Z-> X -> Y

;Parallel commanding:

N10 G74 X1 Y1 Z1     ;Homing sequence: X,Y,Z simultaneously