Dwell time (G04), (#TIME)

G04 <1st main axis><expr> | <expr> | <Main spindle><expr>                                        (non-modal)


Dwell time

<1st main axis><expr>

Dwell time is specified by the name of the 1st main axis in [s], or...


… as following direct or parameterised specification [starting with Build V2.11.2026.02] of the dwell time in [s] or …


by the name of the main spindle and by specifying a number of revolutions [U] [starting with Build V2.11.2023.02].

Dwell times are required for relief cutting or other machine functions, for example.

Dwell time may only be programmed in the NC block alone (exception: block no.).

Programing Example


Dwell time (G04)

N10 G04 X4.5          (wait for 4.5 seconds)

N20 G04 3.0           (wait for 3.0 seconds)

N30 P1=2

N40 G04 P1            (wait for 2.0 seconds)

N50 V.L.TIME=3.5

N60 G04 V.L.TIME      (wait for 3.5 seconds)

N70 M3 S200

N80 G04 S10           (wait for 10 revolutions (3 seconds))

Another possibility to specify dwell time is to use the function #TIME.

#TIME <expr>                                                                                                                     (non-modal)


Dwell time plain text command


Dwell time value direct or parameterised in [s]

Programing Example


Dwell time (#TIME)

N10 #TIME 2.5             (wait for 2.5 seconds)

N20 P1=2

N30 #TIME P1              (wait for 2.0 seconds)

N40 V.L.TIME=3.5

N50 #TIME V.L.TIME        (wait for 3.5 seconds)