Block-specific comments

Explanatory comments can be inserted at almost any position in an NC program, even at the start of a program. Comments have no effect on the processing of an NC program.

Comments start with a "(". If the comment is extended up to block end, it is sufficient to separate it by "(". For comments within an NC block the corresponding ")" character is also required.

Alternatively, a comment can start with a semicolon ";". This comment type always extends up to block end.

Comments may be of any length. However, the maximum number of characters per block may not be exceeded.

It is possible to nest comments.

Programing Example


Comments in the NC code

% 100 (comment in full brackets)

N200 ... (comment only with open bracket

N300 (comment (nested comment))

N500 X10 (comment in block) Y20

N700 ... ;Comment after semicolon

N999 M30



Comments on any number of program lines (see Section Cross-block valid comments) may be made using the special commands #COMMENT BEGIN and #COMMENT END.