Extended skipping (skip levels)

Release Note


This function is available as of Build V3.01.3021.00.

By combining a slash "/" and a numeral, you can set up to 10 different skip levels in the NC program (e.g. /5 N3412...). The skip levels are activated on the operating console (HMI) or by the PLC by a 32 bit command before main program start. Multiple skip levels can be activated at the same time. Each change of skip settings during an active NC program only becomes effective at the next main program start.

For more information see [FCT-M6].

The skip level without numeral "/" and "/1" have the same significance.

/<1 - 10> N..

Programing Example


Extended skipping


N05 G0 X0 Y0 Z0

/1 N10 G74 X1 Y1 Z1

N20 G01 F1000 X10 Y10

/2 N30 Z3

N40 X-1 Y-2


/10 N90 #CS ON [0,0,0,0,0,45]

N95 X30 Z50

/ N99 G92 X0

N999 M30