Extensive data volumes are exchanged between the CNC and the PLC. For example, this comprises

The interface between CNC and PLC is outlined in the overview diagram below.

CNC-PLC interface
CNC-PLC interface

This documentation describes the structure of this interface between CNC and PLC referred to below as High-Level Interface (HLI for short).

The term “High-Level Interface”, in this context, refers to the structure of the interface with complex data structures and handshake variables. This has to be seen in contrast to a data interface, which us considered to be at a low level of abstraction (Low-Level Interface).



Safety restriction for the use of the High Level Interface:

The values transferred between the PLC and TwinCAT CNC can be read and changed by all local users

In order to protect the system against unauthorised access, use the “IPC Security Guide“ as a guideline. This will support you in the management of security risks when using Beckhoff products.

Follow the links to the „IPC Security Guide“ for further measures: