Response of G91 with orientation axes (P-CHAN-00332)


Response of G91 with orientation axes for complete transformation


In case of a kinematic sequence with complete transformation (e.g. robot transformations with kinematics ID 45 or 71), this parameter can be used to set the response of G91 when programming orientation axes.

For these kinematic sequences, orientation axes are specially handled according to the concatenation of manual systems and the calculation of absolute angles.

With default setting (0), a relatively programmed orientation angle is always executed first in the concatenation sequence (rotation about the corresponding Cartesian main axis). If several axes are programmed relatively, a rotation matrix is defined with the relative rotation angles on the basis of the agreed rotation sequence (A(Z) -> B(Y) -> C(X)).

Programming example:


N010 G90 G00 A0 B180 C0
N020 G91 G00 C45 (1st figure)
N030 G91 G00 B90 (2nd figure)



As an alternative (1), conventional relative orientation programming in the concatenated coordinate system can be selected. In this case, the programmed relative angles are added to the current orientation angle positions.



Data type


Data range

0: G91 acts in the stationary Cartesian coordinate system (default)

1: G91 acts in the concatenated coordinate system (possibly rotated previously)



Default value



Axis identifiers of a Cartesian coordinate system:

X, Y, Z: main axes

A, B, C: orientation axes