Display of active path feed (P-CHAN-00328)


Display of active path feed


This parameter selects the displayed active path feed.



Data type


Data range

0: Default feed of the feed axes in the channel. The displayed path feed results from the motion of these PCS axes when only main or feed axes are moved. If none of the listed feed axes are moved, the feed of the leading tracked or orientation axis is displayed. This means that the active feed value is always != 0 when axes are moved.


1: Real (all feed axes in the channel). The displayed feed is calculated from the PCS velocities of the feed axes.


2: TCP (main axes are feed axes)

- when kinematics are active. If only rotary orientation axes are moved, the TCP feed is 0. Otherwise, the feed results from the motion of the PCS feed axes.

- when kinematics are inactive. Display of default path feed

3: Real (as for 1.); in addition to real feed display, the service distance is also displayed or provided here based on the real PCS aggregate contour path. (Tracked axis motions are therefore not included in the aggregate contour path.)



Default value