Settings for edge machining (edge_machining.*)

Release Note


This functionality is available as of Release V2.11.2009.12 and is enabled in the start-up list ([STUP]) for each CNC channel, as shown in the example below:[<i>].path_preparation.function FCT_DEFAULT | FCT_EMF

Depending on the machining technology it may be necessary to control the machining process especially on sharp contours (edges). In the case of a sharp edge (defined by the angle difference between two contour elements), the path speed at the edge is modified depending on pre-defined parameters. In addition, three signals derived from the path speed are generated. These signals are supplied to the PLC interface (see HLI documentation, status information of a channel -> edge functions -> Signal_1, Signal_2, Signal_3). Linear or circular blocks can be programmed as contour element. No check is made here whether they are inner or outer contours. If the functions ‘Insert chamfers and roundings (G301/G302)’ or tool radius compensation (G41/G42) are active, additional contour elements can be generated. They then result in a different bend angle than the two contour elements.

The following parameters are required for the edge machining function:

# Parameterising edge machining function

# ======================================

edge_machining.enable 1

edge_machining.angle_limit 150000 [0.0001°(degrees)]

edge_machining.pre_dist 100000 [0.1µm]

edge_machining.pre_feed 16666 [µm /sec]

edge_machining.wait_time 10000 [[1 µs]]

edge_machining.post_dist 200000 [0.1µm]

edge_machining.post_feed 333333 [µm/sec]

edge_machining.disable_feed_adaption 0

edge_machining.mode 0


Edge between two contour elements
Edge between two contour elements
Timing diagram of s1, s3 signals
Timing diagram of s1, s3 signals