Exclusivity of axes programming (P-CHAN-00148)


Exclusivity of axis programming


By the parameter the exclusivity of the axes programming can be disabled. This parameter is only evaluated if multiple programming of the measuring system is permitted (P-CHAN-00116).

In this case the multiple programming of identical axes in different dimensions (G90/G91) is permitted in the same NC block.



Data type


Data range

0: Axes may only be programmed exclusively in the same NC block (default).

1: The same axes may be programmed several times in the same NC block. If an axis in the block was programmed as absolute and relative, the resulting position is output as an absolute value.



Default value



Programming example:

Nxx G90 X10 G91 Y10 Z20 Y1 -> Y relative about 11

Nxx G91 X10 Y10 G90 X2 G91 Z30 -> X absolute to 2

Nxx G90 X10 Y20 G91 Z30 Y5 -> Y absolute to 25

Nxx G91 Z15 Y20 G90 X5 G91 Z30 -> Z relative about 45