Transformation with gaps in the axis (P-CHAN-00213)


Permit gapped axis configuration when a transformation is selected


When Cartesian or kinematic transformations are used, an axis configuration free from gaps is expected. When selected, the CNC checks whether the required number of axes exists without gaps in the current configuration and can complete the axis configuration with an inserted simulation axis.

If special cases, it may be necessary to permit axis configurations with gaps, e.g. A tool head without physical Z slides. An axis configuration with gaps is recognisable by the increasing non-linear axis index sequence in the CNC axis exchange command, see example below.


Axis configuration with no gaps using NC command:

#SET AX[X, 1, 0][Y, 2, 1][Z, 3, 2][C, 4, 3]


Axis configuration with gaps using NC command:

#SET AX[X, 1, 0][Y, 2, 1][C, 4, 3]



Data type


Data range

0: Axis configuration with gaps not permitted (default).

1: Axis configuration with gaps permitted.



Default value