Kinematic parameters (P-CHAN-00094)


Define kinematic parameters


The specific kinematic offset values are entered in this structure for each transformation.


kinematik[i].param[j] where j = 0... 74 (maximum number of kinematic parameters,
application-specific, syntax as of V2.10.1501)

Data type


Data range



0.1µm or 0.0001° (for offsets)

Default value



kinematik[i].wz_kopf_versatz[j] (syntax up to V260)

Kinematic parameters can also be entered in the tool data list P-TOOL-00009 (they are then relevant only when a tool is selected, independent on the kinematics). If a kinematic parameter is assigned in both lists, the specified values are added in the NC.

For more details on parameterising kinematic transformation and 5-axis machining, see [KITRA] and [PROG].

Parameterisation example: Offset settings are specified for kinematics 1, 2 and 5. Kinematics with ID 2 is the default kinematics.

kinematik_id 2 Default kinematics: 2


kinematik[1].param[0] 1088000

kinematik[1].param[1] 1987000

kinematik[1].param[2] 342000


kinematik[2].param[0] 1538000

kinematik[2].param[1] 25000

kinematik[2].param[2] 0

kinematik[2].param[5] 1800000


kinematik[5].param[0] 1487000

kinematik[5].param[1] 25000