Suppress motion path check (P-CHAN-00227)


Suppress motion path check with edge banding


When the measurement signal arrives, the CNC checks whether there is enough motion path in the block to traverse the residual path defined in the channel parameter and to stop. An error message is issued if this is not the case. With some applications, it may make sense not to run this check until deselection via G107 or at the end of the last travel movement. In this case, it is possible to interrupt reduction of the residual path, e.g. by means of programmed dwell times (see figure below). This is achieved by setting the channel parameter to 1. If the motion path available in the block is not sufficient, an error reaction or issuing an error message takes place at the end of the movement or on deselection of the function via G107.



Data type


Data range




Default value



It only makes sense to use this parameter if P-CHAN-00029 (kasto_multi_block) is assigned FALSE.

Parameterisation example:

kasto_suppress_path_check     1

Suppress motion path check with edge banding
Suppress motion path check with edge banding