Client channel in a Job Manager group (P-STUP-00207)


Client channel in a Job Manager group


A client (master) in a Job Manager group always corresponds to an existing CNC channel. The channel designated by "channel_id” cannot be declared again in any other group, not even in the same one. Consequently it cannot be either receiver (slave), not even in a different group.

Parameter[i].master[j].channel_id where i = 0 to 1 (maximum number of groups: 2, application -specific) and [j] = 0 … 11 (max. number of channels: 12, application-specific)

Data type


Data range

1 to 12 (application-specific)



Default value

0 *


* The value corresponds to the statement: Parameter is not used. If all jobmanager. group[i].master[j].channel_id parameters in a Job Manager group are "0", the Job Manager is deactivated for the group.

The client channel corresponds to a “normal” channel. The Job Manager configuration extends the command set to included Job Manager commands (see related documentation). This also includes commanding every agent (slave) in the same Job Manager group with jobs. It is executed asynchronously and does not affect the client channels.