Defining logging levels

Bit 31 to Bit 16 for cross-BF log level classes


0x00010000 BF_LOG_STD

Default BF events

0x00020000 BF_LOG_UPLOAD


0x40000000 BF_LOG_HIGH

High priority events

0x80000000 BF_LOG_RESET

Events at BF reset


All BF log entries are logged.

Bit 15 to Bit 0 for BF-specific log level classes


0x00000001 BAHN_LOG_STD

Default Interpolator

0x00000002 BAHN_LOG_DDTG_

Events at “Delete distance to go”

0x00000004 BAHN_LOG_FBC_

Forward/backward motion

0x00000008 BAHN_LOG_BS_

Block search

0x00000001 BAVO_LOG_STD

Default Bavo

0x00000001 DEC_LOG_STD

Default decoder

0x00000002 DEC_LOG_EXAMPLE_


0x00000004 DEC_LOG_VI

Interchannel variables

0x00000001 AXV_LOG_STD

Default axis exchange

0x00000001 LR_LOG_STD

Default position controller

0x00000002 LR_LOG_ALNK

Axis link from IPO to LR during channel output

0x00000004 LR_LOG_BODE_PLOT

Bode plot logging