Maximum path for pre-output of M functions (P-STUP-00062)


Maximum path for pre-output of M functions


This parameter permits an additional limitation of the look-ahead range considered for the pre-output of M functions on a maximum path (see [FCT-C1]).

If this maximum distance exceeds the sum of all currently considered motion blocks (except for the ‘oldest’ motion block), the ‘oldest’ motion block is output. In other words, an M function can be pre-output by at least the specified distance.


Data type


Data range

0 ... MAX(UNS32)



Default value



If the maximum number of blocks P-STUP-00061 is set to a high value, it may cause a long delay in channel reaction. To avoid this, a distance limit can also be specified. With long motion blocks in particular, this maximum distance is already reached after a few blocks. This prevents additional delay caused by saving motion blocks in the pre-output of M functions.

Without an explicit setting, the range is not additional limited (only by the number of blocks P-STUP-00061).

If a pre-output is set greater than the distance currently saved in the look-ahead range, the M function is pre-output at the maximum known path position and a warning is issued.

Parameterisation example:[0].path_preparation.function FCT_DEFAULT | FCT_M_PRE_OUTPUT[0].path_preparation.m_pre_output_lookahead 100[0].path_preparation.m_pre_output_max_distance 35000 [0.1µm]

Programing Example


Maximum distance for pre-output of M functions


N01 G00 G90 X0 Y0

N02 G01 F10000

'MOS' = '1'

N01 V.G.M_FCT[100].PRE_OUTP_PATH = 28.6 (* in mm *)

N02 V.G.M_FCT[100].SYNCH = 'MOS'

N20 G91 Y1

N21 Y1 ; -> MicroJoint at Y1.4 mm

N43 Y1

N44 Y1

N45 Y1

; Warning 120693: -> MicroJoint due to distance limitation 3.5mm

N46 Y1

N47 Y1

N48 Y1

N49 Y1

N50 M100

N99 M30

Distance-related limiting of pre-output to maximum look-ahead range.
Distance-related limiting of pre-output to maximum look-ahead range.