Maximum position lag (P-AXIS-00168)


Maximum position lag


The parameter defines the maximum position lag.



Data type


Data range

MAX(SGN32) > slep_max > 10* position lag at P-AXIS-00212

Axis types

T, R, S


T: 0.1µm

R,S: 0.0001°

Default value


Drive types

Simulation, Conventional, Terminal, Lightbus, Profidrive, CANopen


Standard position lag monitoring:

The parameter is made use of for limiting the estimated position lag in the position controller. Especially in the case of oscillating systems an internal range overshooting of the operating data in the position controller would be quite conceivable.

Linear position lag monitoring:

The parameter defines the maximum permissible position lag. By this a reaction of the position lag monitoring (adhesive friction) can be avoided, for example, when the axis starts moving from standstill.

Non-linear position lag monitoring:

For this type of position lag monitoring the parameter is without significance.

Velocity-independent position lag monitoring:

This parameter sets the position lag limit when the axis is moving.